Don’t think too high of anyone. A person is a person. No matter how perfect they may appear, none are flawless on this earth. Don’t think someone can understand you more than you understand yourself. Don’t seek completeness through a soulmate or a friend. No one can possibly bring you happiness. When we expect someone to fill us with joy, we tend to get disappointed as they fill us with sadness. Sometimes our imagination plays tricks on us by creating the perfect picture of that particular person; when in reality that person may not care about you at all. A best friend might not realize that you’re getting uncomfortable in the friendship; or that you don’t like what they’re doing. A boyfriend/girlfriend may not be your soulmate yet you still put effort into the relationship. Life can get so confusing and complicated so we seek comfort through other human beings. The biggest mistake is to do so.

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I think it would be a cool idea for you guys to write the confessions in the description thingy. Cuz sometimes the writing has to be small to fit all the words in and sometimes the pictures won’t load right away because my service isn’t great. So I would love it if I can read the confessions even if my phone wont show the picture.

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if this post gets at least 50 notes we’ll do it